Fashion Watch

POWER Group has conducted thorough market research
POWER's outstanding watch industry was formally established

POWER's watch industry is based on the line, born for the online
Introducing a cost-effective fashion mechanical watch
Subverting the existing production and sales of watches
Fashion watch with design sense + intimate price = high quality + high price
A selection of quality design, more accurate and more timely to create a wrist fashion.
Unleash a young attitude, always by you.
Main men's watch, women's watch, couple pair watch...

Internet + watch brand

Fashion is one step ahead, quality is first class

Men's mechanical watch
Classic atmosphere
Super high popularity
Big factory quality
Price value

fashion design
Broaden the world classics
Deductive fashion
Value burst

Simple classic
Fine workmanship
See quality in details

Featured Global Fashion
First time pass between wrists
Temperament choice
Dazzling youth

Why choose Overlord Watch?
Industry conscience factory
Internet + watch thinking
Quality, quality, quality


Clock order / group purchase
Ms. Lin 13715163180
National service hotline

  霸王三十年  精誠致美  攜手未來  

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